CA Division Chairman's Message (2019 - 2020)

Having served the CAI Division for several years, it is my pleasure to be nominated as the Chairman. I am Ir CS Leung from The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited. During the past years we could see the substantial and healthy growth of Corporate Members, never has it been an easy task for the Div. and DAP to achieve such a high level of performance, and I must express my sincere gratitude to all the people contributing their time to serve our members. 

In this session, I am committed to work nicely with the organizing committees on various activities, such as Annual Symposium, Annual Dinner, Delegation Visit, etc. Moreover, it is time to bring more cooperation with our partners such as IMechE, InstMC, PolyU, etc. to explicit new ideas and technology for young people. 

To allow brand building of HKIE, the Div. is reviewing to emphasize or focus on Automation to catch up with the Industry 4.0. Having said that, the importance of other elements like Control and Instrumentation would maintain stable growth.

Ir LEUNG Chun Sing


Control, Automation & Instrumentation Division of HKIE

2019/2020 Session