Events / Activities

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   15/08/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart Drainage Management System
   13/08/2018 Technical Seminar: AI Technologies for Precision Forestry and Fire Detection
   10/08/2018 Technical Seminar: The Career Route of a Professional Engineer from Public Sector Perspective
   03/08/2018 Engineering your Retirement life through Annuity!!!(香港年金計劃)
   30/07/2018 Technical Seminar: Navigating through the Murky Waters of Design Liability
   20/07/2018 Technical Seminar : Voltage Dip Mitigation Measures for Lifts & Escalators
   19/07/2018 (Supporting Event) Annual Gathering of HAESCO on Energy Efficiency
   05/07/2018 Seminar on Evaluative Mediation in Construction Disputes
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