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   14/01/2019 OSH Seminar: 人體微血管、血管硬化與中風 ~ 主動篩查及早介入調理
   11/01/2019 (Supporting Event) Metrology Symposium 2019
   18/12/2018 Technical Seminar: USB Fast-Charging Development: From B.C1.2 to USB-PD/QC4.0
   29/11/2018 職安健講座:"腦力"加油-Young活腦球操(二)
   26/11/2018 職安健講座:"腦力"加油-Young活腦球操(一)
   23/11/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart and Efficient Contract Management Solution
   23/11/2018 Technical Seminar on Experience Sharing in Precautionary Measures and Crisis Management against Super Typhoon
   20/11/2018 Health and Safety – Trends, Challenges and Practical Considerations
   15/11/2018 Technical Seminar: Innovation and Technology for Engineers
   14/11/2018 Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau Retro-commissioning Forum
   09/11/2018 講座主題: 工業4.0與內地能源企業智慧運作
   26/10/2018 Seminar: Briefing of One Belt, One Road projects in Nigeria and various countries in Africa
   22/10/2018 Technical Seminar: Water Treatment of Central Air Conditioning Cooling System
   19/10/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart IOT for Manufacturing and Production Industries
   15/10/2018 Technical Seminar: An environmental way for Rehabilitation (Trenchless Pipe) – CIPP
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