Events / Activities

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   12/02/2018 Technical Seminar on Video Synopsis and Smart Buildings Solutions
   09/02/2018 The HKIE CAD 30th Anniversary Symposium
   05/02/2018 Technical Seminar: Connected BIM to Streamline your Workflows
   24/01/2018 Technical Seminar: Vibration Monitoring Technologies
   28/12/2017 Technical Seminar: Contributions of Cooking Emissions to Ambient Particulate Matter
   21/12/2017 Technical Seminar: Smart Design on Grease Separator and Kitchen Hygienic Drainage Solution
   18/12/2017 Technical Seminar: Smart Power Monitoring & Energy Management
   13/12/2017 Technical Seminar on Demystify a Patent Document
   24/11/2017 {FULL} Seminar on Food and Beverage (F&B) Licensing Workshop with Green Design
   13/11/2017 {FULL} Technical Seminar on Design and Selection of Cooling Tower System and Water Tank System
   10/11/2017 Technical Seminar on “ Sustainability Thinking: Perspectives from Higher Ed”
   08/11/2017 Delivering an Inspiring STEM Education – A Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) Perspective
   27/10/2017 Seminar on Contract and Statutory Adjudication under the Security of Payment Legislation
   23/10/2017 Technical Seminar on “Wastewater reuse and desalination by innovative membrane technology”
   07/10/2017 Technical Visit to Lamma Power Station
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