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   21/02/2020 The HKIE CAD Symposium 2020 - New Generation of Automation & Digital Intelligence - TheAI
   14/02/2020 講座:從易經的哲理看2020世局
   07/02/2020 Technical Seminar: The Integration of AI+Robotics+IOT Technologies
   03/02/2020 講座:堪輿學與環境學-2020(鼠)年”春耕圖”及啟示
   21/01/2020 Technical Seminar: The Smart and Green Factory Development in Hong Kong
   30/12/2019 Technical Seminar: 3D Camera Technologies and Applications
   20/12/2019 Technical Seminar: AI-powered Inspection Technologies for Building
   16/12/2019 Seminar: The New Way of Arbitration for Hong Kong-Mainland Arrangement on Interim Measures
   13/12/2019 Technical Seminar: Intelligent traffic system communication and edge computing based on blockchain
   06/12/2019 OSH Seminar: A local sharing of Effective Safety Leadership for Engineers
   02/12/2019 Technical Seminar: Water Safety & Water Conservation, Recycling and Balancing
   29/11/2019 Seminar: Is Einstein’s Equation E=MC2 always Correct? - Experiment of the Dependence of the Gravitation on Temperature
   22/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Cyber Security – Build a Zero Trust Network & Machine Learning
   15/11/2019 Technical Seminar: The Integration of AI + Robotics + IoT Technologies {Cancelled}
   11/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Innovation and Technology Integration in Building and Construction
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