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   25/05/2018 (Supporting Event) 2018 Symposium on Intelligent Asset Management for Smart Cities
   25/05/2018 Technical Seminar : LED package and lighting introduction and high efficient intelligent light
   24/05/2018 Control, Automation, Logistic and Risk Management ISO9001:2015 Challenges and Opportunities for Auditors
   08/05/2018 The 31st Annual General Meeting of the Control, Automation & Instrumentation Division
   21/04/2018 School Ambassador Talk at Diocesan Girl School Career Fair 2018
   10/04/2018 (Supported Event) IET ICT Conference 2018
   28/03/2018 Technical Seminar: The Development of Public Private Partnership Infrastructure Delivery
   23/03/2018 Technical Seminar: Design and considerations against Legionella growth in Building Water Systems
   22/03/2018 Technical Seminar: Selection of Water Pump, Submersible Pump, Valves & Fittings for Plumbing & Drainage Services
   19/03/2018 Seminar: Professional QMS Auditor – New Route for Engineers
   26/02/2018 講座: 堪輿學與環境學 2018
   12/02/2018 Technical Seminar on Video Synopsis and Smart Buildings Solutions
   09/02/2018 The HKIE CAD 30th Anniversary Symposium
   05/02/2018 Technical Seminar: Connected BIM to Streamline your Workflows
   24/01/2018 Technical Seminar: Vibration Monitoring Technologies
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