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   15/11/2019 Technical Seminar: The Integration of AI + Robotics + IoT Technologies {Cancelled}
   11/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Innovation and Technology Integration in Building and Construction
   08/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Wisdom of IoT Technologies– A New Value for Enterprises
   04/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Acoustic-aided Air Filtration – A new technology that improve IAQ and Energy Saving
   18/10/2019 Technical Seminar: An Energy Saving Solution - Plate-tube Liquid Film Evaporative Technology with UV Disinfection System
   11/10/2019 Technical Seminar: Water Safety Plan for Buildings and Drinking Water Quality Management System
   10/10/2019 Technical Seminar: Electrical energy isolation through Lockout-tagout
   08/10/2019 Technical Seminar: BIM-Enabling AI and IoT for Smart Green Buildings
   30/09/2019 Technical Seminar: Greener Evaporative Chiller for Greener Future
   23/09/2019 Technical Seminar: USB Fast Charge Protocol IC & Applications
   21/09/2019 [Supporting Event] IET BIM Forum 2019
   16/09/2019 Seminar: The Introduction of Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF)
   09/09/2019 Technical Seminar: Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems
   06/09/2019 The Application of “Design Thinking” in Engineering Projects
   02/09/2019 Technical Seminar: Case study of Application for a new E-Waste Disposal Licence for treatment, recycling and storage of domestic air conditioner and washing machine
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