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   19/10/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart IOT for Manufacturing and Production Industries
   15/10/2018 Technical Seminar: An environmental way for Rehabilitation (Trenchless Pipe) – CIPP
   12/10/2018 Technical Seminar: Application of 3D Concrete Printing Technology in Hong Kong
   06/10/2018 Instrumentation Technologies for Construction Materials
   28/09/2018 Seminar on Evaluative Mediation in Construction Disputes Part II
   21/09/2018 Technical Seminar: Collaborative Robot Technology and Applications
   17/09/2018 Seminar: Community Culture of Historical Buildings in ‘Yau Tsim Mong’ District
   13/09/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart Lighting Solutions Contribution to Building Retrofit & I.O.T.
   10/09/2018 Technical Seminar: The Metrology of Weighing and Scaling
   29/08/2018 Technical Talk of "New Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings by WSD and Maintenance of Water Pipes & System in Building
   24/08/2018 Technical Seminar: Unleashing the Potential of Hybrid Reality to Smart City Applications
   21/08/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart-to-charge for EVs, and the Future
   17/08/2018 Technical Seminar: Plasma Technology for Air Purification
   16/08/2018 (Colaborating Event) ISO 9001:2015 Challenges and Opportunities for Auditors - Import/Export, Plant, Control and Risk Management
   15/08/2018 Technical Seminar: Smart Drainage Management System
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