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Webinar: The Importance of Control, Automation & Technologies/Know-how for a Lift Engineer

Date, time & venue

2021-06-16;6:30pm-8:00pm;via online

Jointly organised by HKIE- CAD, BSD & SSC

Supported by InstMC Hong Kong, UniSA Alumni Hong Kong – Doctoral Society & GBA Development Centre


Programme Highlight

Subsequent to the invention of the first mechanical safety component & safety gear in 1853, passengers can travel up and down buildings in lifts safely. With great development of mechanical and electrical components and devices, lift speeds have been increasing to 10m/s, 12.5m/s, 16.8m/s, 18m/s, 20m /s and so on. On the other hand, the heights of buildings have been increasing correspondently, say to 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m and perhaps one day may exceed 1000m. In addition to the increase in safety level, speed and travel height, further development of lifts has been progressing in multiple directions, including but not limited to reliability, comfortability, health, security, personalization, energy efficiency, space efficiency, time efficiency, work efficiency, passenger satisfaction, etc. The control, automation and instrumentation (CAI) technologies/know how play a very important role in the further development of lifts in the aforesaid directions. For a lift engineer, such CAI technologies/know how are particularly important for preparing him/her to move the lift industry forward. How can CAI equipment help to achieve above objectives? How can CAI equipment help to make the 2 car cages in a TWIN liftshaft moving separately without collision? How can many cars in a Multi-system move without collision. The above questions as well as others will be discussed in the Talk.



Powerpoint in English with Chinse terminologies and presentation in English/Cantonese




Having served the lift industry over 30 years, Ir K.L. Lee retired from Mitsubishi Elevator HK Co. Limited. Thereafter, he has continued to serve this industry on part-time basis and as a freelance by offering training services in lift engineering and occupational safety & health; consultant services in lift/escalator design, installation, maintenance, modernization, dismantling as well as project management. He is currently a guest lecture of Occupational Safety & Health Council and was a part-time teacher of HKUSPACE. After retirement, he has dedicated most of his time in developing safe methods in installation and demolition of lifts and escalators, say by means of false car or other equipment. On the other hand, he serves as professional engineer in checking, verifying and testing lifting appliances & gears as well as offering expert opinion on lift incidents, maintenance contract dispute and mechanized vehicle parking systems. Occasionally, Lee also provides energy efficient assessment and auditing services in respect of lighting, electrical, lifts & escalators and air-conditioning installations in buildings. Currently, he is handling two special lift equipment in Hong Kong: firstly, the TWIN elevator project in Hong Kong and secondly, the introduction of mechanized vehicle parking system (MVPS) to Hong Kong market.

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